PlayStation 5 VR :

Virtual reality has now become the super-advanced portal to escape reality and to get immersed in the world of your own.

VR headsets and controllers are designed to immerse you in the world of visual reality like never before, and they are only getting better and better with time.

Sony, one of the biggest tech-giants not long ago last month had revealed the launch of its new version of VR headset for PlayStation 5, and now the company has revealed a sneak peek of its coolest upcoming weapon for the gaming world on its website.

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PlayStation 5 VR Controller…

This next-gen PlayStation 5 VR controller has an orb-like futuristic design for an extra-level of control-freedom compared to other VR controllers out there.

According to the details released in their report, the new PS 5 VR controller has some serious highlighting features that include Adaptive triggers, Haptic feedback, Finger touch detection, VR headset tracking, and sleek but improved Action buttons/analog sticks.

The company noted that this new PlayStation 5 VR controller will bear no constraints and allows its developers to fabricate unique and immense gameplay experiences.

It also stated that the prototypes will soon be made available to the development community to mend a perfect bond between the VR controller and immersed gameplay.

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Action buttons: The Right-hand PlayStation 5 VR controller has the cross and circle buttons, one analog stick, R1 – grip button, R2 – trigger button, and options button.

The Left-hand controller has the triangle and square buttons, one analog stick, L2 – trigger button, L1 – grip button, and create button.

The Finger touch detection system helps the controller to flawlessly detect the user’s fingers without applying any pressure on the area, enabling the user with more freedom for natural gestures while playing, the company claimed.

The tracking ring across the bottom of the controller is designed for perfect sync between the new PS 5 VR controller and headset.

The company hasn’t officially revealed the price or the date of this next-gen PS 5 VR controller, but according to some experts, this controller might come out before the new version of VR headsets for PlayStation 5 hit the shelf.

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